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Interview with Yana Stolar

Autumn 2012

The design studio "Elitash" belonging to the owner of the tourist company "Yana Luxury Travel" Yana Stolar offers its customers new and exciting services and impeccable quality of service. Ms. Stolar told the magazine "Yana Luxury Travel" why "Elitash" provides most favorable conditions and how the collaboration with the travel agency helps to build houses, design and implement the reconstruction of apartments, offices, houses ... more


Architecture is both the art and the science. It is a perfect combination of luxury facades' elegance and functionality of interior space. It requires visual unity and artistic integrity, no matter how complex the structure is. Different elements must match with each other and make up a harmonious structure.

Architectural design is the realization of creative ideas of an architect and desires of a client, with the help of which a unique design of any building is created. Consequently, a customer gets a comfortable place to live in, while an architect receives inspiration and pride for completed projects.

Architectural design is the professional development of constructive solutions. It consists of three stages.

Sketch part of a project includes the preliminary information gathering together with formation of targets, objectives and requirements, which must be met by future construction. This stage implies intense interaction and information exchange with the customer, so that a future home will meet all his ideas, demands and expectations. As a result, architectonical concepts and technical specifications for the future design are being carried out.

Creation of architectonical drawings is the next stage of the work. It is of a paramount importance because it is here where creative thinking, ideas and imagination combine in the form of:

— general lay-out and floor plans;
— sketches of facades and sections indicating all necessary dimensions;
— roof and floor plans;

3D computer model of the object is created to provide the convenient implementation of plans and ideas into life.

план этажа

Preparation of the actual project of the complete set of design documents is the final stage. This is a rather complex process which requires lots of attention to plenty of details. The project is complemented by engineering systems' drawings:

— mechanical;
— electrical;
— plumbing;
— low current.

As a result, you get all the necessary documentation for the construction.

During the design process we comply with all technical standards and guarantee an overall quality of the work.