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Interview with Yana Stolar

Autumn 2012

The design studio "Elitash" belonging to the owner of the tourist company "Yana Luxury Travel" Yana Stolar offers its customers new and exciting services and impeccable quality of service. Ms. Stolar told the magazine "Yana Luxury Travel" why "Elitash" provides most favorable conditions and how the collaboration with the travel agency helps to build houses, design and implement the reconstruction of apartments, offices, houses ... more


"Elitash" Construction Company provides a full range of services which deal with construction of town houses, cottages, wooden houses and saunas, as well as other buildings and structures for various purposes. We perform all kinds of:

— general contracting works;
— construction and repair works;
— exterior and interior finishing works;
— installation of utilities.

The fundamental approach of the company is to use only high quality materials, professional equipment and modern technology during construction. We cooperate only with experienced builders, architects, engineers and foremen, who carry out best possible construction work of any complexity and in a professional manner.


Restoration is one of the most complicated areas of construction activities. Restoration implies works whose aim is to change the technical and economic characteristics of an object and to increase efficiency of the object's use, which implies capital reorganization of such an object, change of its parameters, replacement of bearing structures, and the creation and reconstruction of engineering systems and communications.

Engineering supervision

The presence of an engineer and technical supervision board at the site of your construction ensures high quality of the work. Technical supervision is a serious matter. Evaluation and analysis are the subjects to everything: architectural design and engineering solutions, total designing estimates, legal component and the actual construction process. Experts in the conduction of technical supervision during construction will help to optimize the cost of your time and resources, to understand all intricacies of designing and construction process, to make the terms of construction performance keep up to the schedule, to monitor the quality and actual amount of work done and to keep your spirits high.

Authorial supervision

Authorial construction supervision aims at ensuring the instantiating of the original project of an architect. It must be carried out throughout the whole construction period to ensure technological, architectural and other technical works compliance with object's construction decisions, provided in approved projects. Moreover, sometimes there are some changes to be done in original design decisions. Designer of the project has an integrated view upon all features of design decisions and their connection, so it is he who must make decisions concerning changes to the project.

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