The successful tandem of a construction company, architectural office and design studio allows the "Elitash" company to offer its clients a full range of high level services in the field of:

— Architecture and construction of country houses and cottages;

— Interior design of houses, apartments, offices.

Our main principle is to provide only high quality services. Low prices, short terms - all of this is, of course, important but one should remember that disappointment caused by poor quality lasts much longer than satisfaction due to low price. The use of advanced techniques and a human resource policy aimed at attracting qualified professionals with lengthy work experience have a positive impact on the quality of work of our company.

Houses by Elitash mean beautiful and unique architectural forms. The fineness and softness of lines complimented by precisely selected colors create that fantastic feeling when it is hard to believe that all of this can be created by human hands.

Houses by Elitash mean original materials for construction and decoration of objects. There is no material which company's specialists would not be able to find in any part of the world be it rare species of wood, stone or other natural or artificially created materials.

Houses by Elitash mean functionality, reliability and comfort. During the construction of a building the most up-to-date tested systems of lighting, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning are used.