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A variety of informational publications on architecture and design, highlighting the latest trends, landmark events and prominent names in interior fashion are represented in the Ukrainian market. They tell about the most beautiful homes and fabulous architecture and design masterpieces of art of spatial design. We are glad that our projects are represented on their pages.

Yana luxury travel, Autumn 2012

Interview with Yana Stolar

«Yana luxury travel», Autumn 2012

The design studio "Elitash" belonging to the owner of the tourist company "Yana Luxury Travel" Yana Stolar offers its customers new and exciting services and impeccable quality of service. Ms. Stolar told the magazine "Yana Luxury Travel" why "Elitash" provides most favorable conditions and how the collaboration with the travel agency helps to build houses, design and implement the reconstruction of apartments, offices, houses...… more

Patrimonial manor

"Salon", December 2010 - January 2011

In the modern world where all is so unpredictable and floatingly, where there is no stability and confidence of tomorrow, more and more people come back to unfairly forgotten values of the past. There is a reconsideration of concepts of a family, a surname and «a patrimonial nest», the requirement to have the history, the house, the traditions … is formed.
«The patrimonial manor» reflected as an embodiment of these ideas as the best sample of noble family manor of XVIII-XIX centuries, personifying traditions of that time, therefore it was created very carefully, approaching responsibly to each detail of an estate complex. The house represents an exclusive beautiful composition – a 3h-storeyed building executed from a natural stone, a cream shade, intrigues with game semicircular and straight lines, involves looks with the faultless forms, in a frame of elegant balusters of terraces and balconies, is decorated by high reliefs with historical plots. more

Cottage in the English style

"Home and Interior", August 2010

The traditional English style - is, above all, the solidity and correct forms, forethought details and sense of proportion, exemplarity and perfection.
A country house in the English style – is a combination of practicality and elegance, conservatism and uniqueness, eclecticism of "flavors" of different eras. The style is good for creating timeless fashion, elegant and at the same time cozy interior of the house. First of all, concise forms and forethought details, sense of proportion. It is chosen by true connoisseurs of tradition and quality. The interior is characterized by expulsion of curved lines, refinement of details, gracefulness in the proportions and patterns, preference of precious wood.more

Emptiness as a basis

"Salon", May 2009

This vast and quite succinctly decorated space can seem unfinished. But that is how it was seen by the creators: very constructive and uncluttered.
Despite the seeming simplicity of the interior – it is the result of a serious design and engineering work. The designers have said that they always seek to ensure that any interior is aesthetically meaningful, functional and designed to the smallest detail. This apartment has turned out to be the one like that. more

Less is better

"Salon", March 2008

Do not think that there is something missing in this house or that its owners – are ascetics. It’s quite the contrary. It has everything, but not in excess. The architects have skillfully put the accents.
For the creators of this two-story house the most important thing when designing the new interior – was the image. In this case, they decided to create a modern interior, but with a luxurious, appealing to the styles of the past details. For example, such as an exquisite furniture, similar in form to the classical. It serves not just as an element of decor, but rather as the item that denotes function of a certain space, which also emphasizes the modern approach: less – is better. more

Subtle connections of water and light

"House Index", August 2006

In the first issue of "House Index" we have visited a luxury estate, located in one of the suburban districts of Kiev – Osokorki. Its architecture and interior have been developed and implemented by the design studio led by Yana Stolar. Today, we continue to get acquainted with the work of the studio by the example of another object - a quiet estate in the picturesque setting with its own pond, located in one of the nearby suburbs of Kiev - Lesniki.
This luxurious mansion draws the eye by all of its being: the noble facades, light whiteness of decor and cornices, strict symmetry of the facades, and most importantly - the atmosphere of fairy tale and comfort by which it is surrounded. more

Silk lines of noble restraint

"House Index", August 2006

For each person, his home – is a small world where he can hide from the external environment, turn in upon oneself, create an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. The world that is created for the welfare of family, relatives and friends. Increasingly, we can hear comparisons "My home – is my castle", but in this case - it is remarkably gentle and touching - "Cocoon". The dense plexus of fine fibers, coverage of silkmoth, with which it surrounds itself, going to the pupal stage. The main objective of the cocoon - is the protection from the various influences, guarding and caring for those inside it. These are the concepts and objectives which form the basis of the idea of the country mansion on Osokorki. more