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Interview with Yana Stolar

Autumn 2012

The design studio "Elitash" belonging to the owner of the tourist company "Yana Luxury Travel" Yana Stolar offers its customers new and exciting services and impeccable quality of service. Ms. Stolar told the magazine "Yana Luxury Travel" why "Elitash" provides most favorable conditions and how the collaboration with the travel agency helps to build houses, design and implement the reconstruction of apartments, offices, houses ... more

Michael end Yana Stolar

The Construction company “Elitash” and its design studio - is not just the standard of quality, refinement, elegance, comfort and coziness. First of all, it is a reliable company of the highest level, created by people with an impeccable sense of taste for stylish and powerful.

Today's client is already fed up with almost everything that a modern market of design and architecture can offer, it is not easy to surprise the client, and he is tired of the monotony. Therefore, our company strives to stay one step ahead to offer its customers the freshest ideas and original solutions, individual and unique style for each house.

“Elitash” - is the child of two professionals, zealously enthusiastic about their work -Michael and Jana Stolar. They are not only the founders and leaders of the company but also the extraordinary personalities; owning to whom the market of ideas in the world of design and architecture does not stand still but develops dynamically.

There are hardly any countries on the world map are which they would not have visited. Jana, having an amazing talent to notice the most amazing, rare and unusual events, persons and objects makes it also noticeable for the others. Inspired by what she saw, she returns to Ukraine with new ideas to embody them into architectural forms or in the interior design of a new home – in one more wonderful building for the Ukrainian customer who appreciates safety, comfort and quality. In this task she is assisted by the team of professionals of a design studio "Elitash". The results of their associativity are true masterpieces, where the soul and talent of a master who comes to the realization of each new object as if he is doing it for himself is felt.

Michael is a man who works to realize the most audacious and always unexpected ideas of Jana, he is the man who works to bring the design project to life, he is the one for whom nothing is impossible. Master of his craft, multifaceted personality, which harmoniously combines talent of an architect and a builder, leader and just an unusually open-minded man, he is always sensitive to the wishes of the client and demanding to his employees. Perhaps that is why there are no unrealizable projects for the construction company “Elitash”. Here we are used to solve difficult problems which lead to achievement of high results.