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Interview with Yana Stolar

Autumn 2012

The design studio "Elitash" belonging to the owner of the tourist company "Yana Luxury Travel" Yana Stolar offers its customers new and exciting services and impeccable quality of service. Ms. Stolar told the magazine "Yana Luxury Travel" why "Elitash" provides most favorable conditions and how the collaboration with the travel agency helps to build houses, design and implement the reconstruction of apartments, offices, houses ... more

"Elitash" begins its history since 1998 when a construction company was founded. Since then, each new project is another chapter in our history, each with its own story and the idea interesting and vivid images, with new discoveries and achievements. Our houses will tell better than any words about the company, its development path of success and recognition.

The client entrusts us his dream, and our aim is not only to implement it in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the customer but also to exceed his expectations, to surprise, which is only possible due to high professionalism, impeccable taste and creativity of our team.

Striving to be the first in their field and to provide the highest level of services to our customers, led to the opening in 2005 of the architectural design studio "Elitash". It closely interacts with the construction company and can effectively manage the project, thus provide an excellent result and save considerable time and money of our clients.

Also, throughout all the years of our existence, the company establishes contacts and fruitfully cooperates with the leading factories in Europe and America which are the latest trendsetters in the world of interior design and architecture. At present we offer a truly complete range of services in order to build your dream home – starting with an architectural design and construction finishing with interior design elaboration and fully equipped interior.

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