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You also notice a stained-glass panel in the entrance hall that serves also as a source of light here. To fulfill the "spacious" idea the number of partitions and doors in the house is reduced to a minimum and thus you go from the entrance hall directly to the living room. Yet the center of the house is not the living room but the winter garden with a fireplace and abundant plants with a view on the internal yard panorama. In the main we used natural materials here - wood, granite, plaster and chamotte earth. In the bedroom there is an entrance to a balcony and to a bathroom, which also incarnate the idea of the Snow Queen's castle. And if you go up the winding stairs, which "beads" the floors, you will suddenly find yourself in the middle of a study with a library that occupies the entire space.

There are several pools in the house, which say that water rituals are paid adequate attention to. And when the weather is good you can relax near a small pond in the yard surrounded by boxwood and white cedars.