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From the functional point of view, the house is divided into two zones - a day zone which occupies the ground floor of the mansion and the quite rest zone situated in the second floor. On the ground floor, a spacious fireplace hall flows smoothly into a light dining-room. There is nothing excessive in the interiors, as the eye calmly perceives the space breathing with freshness and light, while the subdued light from the chandeliers and wall lamps serves as a worthy background for vases and flower compositions. A special role in the house is allocated for the aqua-zone - a big tank with sparkling water stays on the same level with the floor.

A sleeping zone on the second floor has the same visual connections with the outer world as the ground floor. The austere furnishing of the study is highlighted by the snow white ceilings and slopes, while the bedroom, which is decorated in blue, is in harmony with the furniture made from various types of wood. And, of course, in this house, one that charms you with its delicacy and austerity, there must be a place for the children's room, whose masters undoubtedly feel that they are fully-fledged lords of the manor.

Whilst working with the land plot the designers tried to preserve the original deciduous trees as much as possible and complimented them with young fir trees and white cedars. They also refined the relief of the plot relief and huge stone blocks with the help of shrub and flower beds.