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Provence - is not only an amazing French province, fascinating for its landscape; not only - the most interesting, sophisticated and unique interior style. Provence – is also a way of life, with its heady beauty and aromas, giving a sense of freedom and space, the pleasure and the joy of such simple things as peace, harmony and comfort. It would be appreciated by people who have not only taste, but also a vast range of interests, certain sophistication.

This house has become the embodiment of refined simplicity, easy elegance and subtle aristocratism, as well as Provence itself.

It emanates a warm of stone, heated by the sun, and a cool of wrought metal in openwork patterns of street furniture and chandeliers, it beckons to see the sunset in the comfortable wicker chairs on the terraces among soft linen pillows with a beautiful view of the green garden.

A cute charm is radiated by the interior of the house, which differs by unobtrusive pastel colors, floral motifs, original texture of natural materials interspersed with bright colors of décor and wealth of decoration. Especially, you can be conquered by the bedrooms of the house, which, although designed in the same style, but each can admire by its "twist": master by its aristocratic luxury, guest by the romance of laces, children by touching tenderness and naiveté.

And, of course, the image of the house would not be complete without the beautiful paintings and antique furniture items that are not only decorate the house and fill it with the spirit of antiquity, but also evoke high feelings and aesthetic enjoyment.