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The basic design of this apartment can hardly be called very complicated but we were able to make it perfect and harmonious thanks to the effort of Elitash’s solid creative team. When you enter the apartment, you immediately find yourself in the living room.

Twin sofas by Rolf Benz and a pouf from the same company invite you to plunge into their fiery embrace and a Belgian carpet under your feet will help you to relax and enjoy the cozy furnishings. Just like the living room, the kitchen also shows the onus made by the designers. Here the onus can be found in the half-opened bud of a flower of the Zande (Zanotta) vase on a high stalk.

The creators of this interior took care to ensure that the range of colors and absence of doors between rooms create a uniform space - open and democratic.

The children's room is a real orange country, since everything here is of sunny orange color. Any child as well as any adult entering this room will be filled with the feeling of joy and warmth that lives everywhere in this house.