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Negative energy has nothing to latch onto here since all the corners in the interior are smoothed to the maximum and undesirable emotions are washed away immediately on the doorstep by a waterfall on a wall in the hall. Behind the wall and the waterfall, between a dining room and a living room, there is a homely fireplace - the place of the highest concentration of love in the family.

For interior decoration furniture with rounded lines by Turri, Formitalia, Smania, Pierantonio Bonancina was selected, as were finishing materials and chandeliers by Lamurrina. The holy of holies - the bedroom - is furnished in a cozy, rich and very romantic manner. It shows an obvious baroque character emphasized by the numerous curved legs, drapes with ornaments and round ceiling.

The "Cocoon" has its own terrace with a view onto the canal and a long row of trees in tubs along the fa?ade under the arched roof. Around the house there are small lawns with alpine gardens crossed by winding paths leading to an ideal world filled with warmth and peace.