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When you enter the house, you are astonished by the broad space and the feeling of coziness and home warmth produced thanks to carved incrusted wooden staircases, Angelo Cappellini furniture and Dolfi settees. The interior is in harmony with the warm tones of the color palette of the walls and textile. Gentle La Murina lighting plays an important role in the creation of warmness and coziness. Moulded fixtures decorate the ceilings in all the rooms of the house.

Regular-shaped mirrors are of substantial importance in English classics. Angelo Cappellini mirrors in copper and gold-plated picture frames which make the premises bigger and make it light and shine have been used in the interior of the mansion. Curtain fabrics with traditional tracery and coloring decorate all the rooms in the house, including the nursery. Carpets in the house are a necessary fixture for that feeling of warmth and cozy. Classical Porcelanosa and Bisazza tiles in the bathrooms and marble carpets in the halls emphasize the classical style at its very best.

The designers did not move away from the conservative approach even in the Salda nursery; it is also present in the interiors of other rooms. However, thanks to small scarlet poppies on the walls and the beige color palette of curtain fabrics, calm, comfort and the bright sentiments of childhood do not leave the space of the nursery.

But obviously a house in this style cannot be a complete work without a good-quality wooden wine cellar. Despite the fact that English classical style envisages the presence of a certain "dryness" in the interior, its moderate forms suit the measured lifestyle of the aristocracy. This style has stood the test of time and that is why it is long lasting.