Michael end Yana Stolar

The Construction company “Elitash” and its design studio - is not just the standard of quality, refinement, elegance, comfort and coziness. First of all, it is a reliable company of the highest level, created by people with an impeccable sense of taste for stylish and powerful.

Today's client is already fed up with almost everything that a modern market of design and architecture can offer, it is not easy to surprise the client, and he is tired of the monotony. Therefore, our company strives to stay one step ahead to offer its customers the freshest ideas and original solutions, individual and unique style for each house.

“Elitash” - is the child of two professionals, zealously enthusiastic about their work -Michael and Jana Stolar. They are not only the founders and leaders of the company but also the extraordinary personalities; owning to whom the market of ideas in the world of design and architecture does not stand still but develops dynamically.


The successful tandem of a construction company, architectural office and design studio allows the "Elitash" company to offer its clients a full range of high level services in the field of:

— Architecture and construction of country houses and cottages;

— Interior design of houses, apartments, offices.

Our main principle is to provide only high quality services. Low prices, short terms - all of this is, of course, important but one should remember that disappointment caused by poor quality lasts much longer than satisfaction due to low price. The use of advanced techniques and a human resource policy aimed at attracting qualified professionals with lengthy work experience have a positive impact on the quality of work of our company.

Houses by Elitash mean beautiful and unique architectural forms. The fineness and softness of lines complimented by precisely selected colors create that fantastic feeling when it i more

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